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Political education

Political education
Puzzle zur Einführung in die Europäische Union, Bild: Andreas Marchetti

Puzzle to introduce the European Union, Picture: (c) politglott

Social engagement needs to be knowledge-based. Being aware of political and social processes is key to ultimately shape public space. With our educational services, we contribute to a profound understanding of complex realities and encourage to responsible engagement.

Our educational services are focused on the needs and wishes of addressees. We use a wide spectrum of methods from moderated discussions and structured debates to simulations. We work with schools, universities and other agents of civic and professional education.

Our topics:

  • Principles and perspectives of European integration
  • Enlargement of the European Union
  • European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP)
  • European immigration policies
  • Foreign, security and defence policy
  • Franco-German relations


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