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Consultancy & Evaluation

Consultancy & Evaluation
Bild: Jan Sahm

Picture: (c) Jan Sahm

Social impact necessitates clearly targeted aims. We give advice to civil society actors to develop strategies and projects. We also help to evaluate and improve existing approaches. We favour an inclusive environment with all stakeholders in order to ensure acceptance and impact.

In developing strategies and projects, we work with logical framworks and impact models that respect the complexity of social environments. Our evaluations are based on widely used international standards.

Our services:

  • development of impact oriented strategies Handlungsstrategien
  • support of project planning processes
  • assessment of projects
  • formative and assumptive evaluation of measures


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Training mit marokkanischen Ratsmitgliedern, Bild: Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

Training with Moroccan councillors, Picture: (c) Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

Social engagement can be learned. Our trainings enable to actively participate in society and politics. They are designed to meet the needs of participants. Based on this tailor-made approach, our trainings aim at immediate applicability.

We particularly strengthen strategy and planning competences. We apply acitvating methods in order to consequently include reflections on concrete transfers to practice in our trainings. We develop trainings for civil society and politics.

Our experience:

  • processes of citizen participation
  • strengthening civil society
  • decentralisation and local politics
  • preparation and implementation of electoral campaigns


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Political education

Political education
Puzzle zur Einführung in die Europäische Union, Bild: Andreas Marchetti

Puzzle to introduce the European Union, Picture: (c) politglott

Social engagement needs to be knowledge-based. Being aware of political and social processes is key to ultimately shape public space. With our educational services, we contribute to a profound understanding of complex realities and encourage to responsible engagement.

Our educational services are focused on the needs and wishes of addressees. We use a wide spectrum of methods from moderated discussions and structured debates to simulations. We work with schools, universities and other agents of civic and professional education.

Our topics:

  • Principles and perspectives of European integration
  • Enlargement of the European Union
  • European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP)
  • European immigration policies
  • Foreign, security and defence policy
  • Franco-German relations


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